Monday, 22 February 2010

Ultra Deep Safes

Well another report has been made available by Goonswarm (RIP) that outlines what you need to do to creating ultra deep safes .  You can get a copy of it from here ... Poseidon Manual.

I have played around with this and looked into how effective it is at making deep safes and now have a couple in different systems that are around 660 AU to the nearest celestial body in the system.  I put together the following notes on creating these safe spots:

  • When you log back in after the Control Q you can make a bookmark as soon as possible. Waiting till your speed has reduced to less than 10km/s (you are still in warp) will only give you a distance of 100k km. Which is not huge when you are looking at getting at least 7AU with each step.
  • A cov ops (I used my cheetah with an aux power core, 400mm steel and 50mm steel plates) will get you 45-55AU roughly with each step.
  • To get the most out of each step you should try and ensure your run up prior to quitting is as long as possible that way there is adequate distance to each top warp speed and be able to quite at a good time (just before you decelerate).
  • Some battle reports talk of deep safes of up to 600AU and I now have a couple at this range though it will take you a couple of hours to make one.

A basic step by step process is as follows:

  • Find two safe locations that are on either side of the system that give you the longest possible warp distance possible. Would suggest you use safes that are not directly on planets or moon warps. Your going to need the map open and on system display to help you here and as long as you are at a safe you should be able to keep this open.
  • Declutter the window and make sure you can see you movement across the map.
  • Warp to the location on the other side of the system.
  • Hover your mouse over your speed and when you have reached your maximum speed (in smaller systems you may not reach max warp speed), prior to decelerating press control Q. Note that if you do this too late you will create a BM that is very close to the one you warped to so do not leave it too late. Also if you do too early you will end up near the point you were warping to anyway.
  • The client will have quite so you will need to start it up again an log in as soon as possible. If you take too long you will back at your original location before you get a chance to make the bookmark. So restart EVE, login and BM asap.
  • Once you have logged in create a bookmark as soon as possible. If you are looking at the map you will see that you have now bookmarked a location that is way beyond the point you were warping to.
  • You will now have to wait as your ships finishes this warp away. Your ship will then warp back to the point at which you quite and will then warp to the point you originally warped to.
  • Go back to your original warp from location and warp to your new deep safe and repeat the process as many times as you can cope with before dying of boredom. Remember that combat probes have a radius 128AU and deep space probes have a range of 256AU. It may take you a few steps to start to get a good distance each step (especially if you are in a small system. However once the steps are good you should be able to go from your end point to the new point and create the next step each time.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

EVE Online Nomenclature

Well there are so many abbreviations that I thought I might try an attempt to get as many in one place as possible.  Here goes (if there are any missing then please comment and I will add them).

Ship Type
AF/AS: Assault Ship
BC: BattleCruiser

BS: Battleship
Covops: Covert Ops Frigate
CS/CBS: Command Ship/Battle Cruiser
DN/Dread: Dreadnought
HAC/HAS: Heavy Assault Ship
HIC/Hictor: Heavy Interdictor

Indy: Industrial
Inty/Ceptor: Interceptor
SC: Supercarrier

SB/Bomber: Stealth Bomber

Ship Name
Aba/Abad: Abaddon (BS)
Apoc: Apocalypse (BS)
Arbi: Arbitrator (cruiser)
Arma/Geddon: Armageddon (BS)
BB: Blackbird (cruiser)
Beagle: Eagle (HAC when fitted with blasters)
Bessie/Stower: Bestower (industrial)
Blasterthron: Blaster equiped mega
Cane: Hurricane (BC)
Cerb: Cerberus (HAC)
Cursus: Incursus (frig)
Cyc: Cyclone (cruiser)
Dom/Domi: Dominix (BS)
Harbi: Harbinger (BC)
Itty #: Iteron Mark # (industrial)
Lach: Lachesis (recon cruiser)
Jag: Jaguar (AF)
Kessie: Kestrel (frig)
Mach: Machariel (Faction BS)

Mack: Mackinaw (exhumer)
Mal/Male/Diction: Malediction (inty)
Manti: Manticore (bomber)
Meal: Mealstrom (BS)
Mega/Thron: Megathron (BS)
Moonin: Munin (HIC)
Myrm: Myrmidon (BC)
NH: Nighthawk (CS)
Phoon: Typhoon (BS)
Pilg: Pilgrim (recon cruiser)
Prohp: Prohpecy (BC)
Pun: Punnisher (frig)
Ranis: Taranis (inty)
Rax: Thorax (cruiser)
Ret/Retri: Retribution (AF)
Ret: Retriever (mining barge)
Rox: Ferox
Ruppy: Rupture (cruiser)

Sac: Sacrilege (HAC)
Sader: Crusader (inty)
Scorp: Scorpion (BS)

Sleip: Sleipnir (CS)
Temp/Pest/Test: Tempest (BS)
Vaga: Vabagond (HAC)
Varg: Vargur (Marauder)

Vindi: Vindicator (Faction BS)

Combat, Warfare and Locations
0.0: lawless/null space (outside of empire and lowsec)
Aggro: Attract aggreviation (damage) from all NPCs or opponents.
Bleeder: A pvp setup designed to outlast your enemy
Blob: Large fleet of ships
Bubble: Interdictor Warp Disrupt Probe or Mobile Warp Disruptor.
Camp: A gatecamp.
FC: Fleet commander
Gank: The amount of damage a ship is set up to do. Can also refer to getting "ganked", or killed.
Lvl4: Level 4 missioin tested
Mission Ops: Mission running, see PVE/NPC/Ratting (lots of similarities)
NPC: Non-Player Character (see PVE)

odded: Losing pod. Usually to be avoided at all costs.

Popped: Ship is destroyed.

PVE: Player vs Environment

PVP: Player vs Player
Rat: Pirate NPCs
Ratting: see PVE/NPC
Solo: solo PVP, usually self sufficient with ability to tank, gank, and tackle

Spawn: a group of NPCs, or the act of a group of NPCs appearing
Speed tank/Kiting: The ability to avoid damage through speed.

Tackle/Tackler: To Warp Scramble/Disrupt/Web a target.  Often used to describe ship setup.
Tank: The amount of damage a ship is set up to absorb.  Also refers to character who will take all damage.

Core Fittings
CPR: Capacitor Power Relay
CPU: Co-Processor
MAPC: Micro Auxiliary Power Core
PDU: Power Diagnostic System
RCU: Reactor Control Unit

AC: Autocannon

Arti: Artillery
BCU: Ballistic Control System
DD: Doomsday
DLB: Dual Light Beam Lasers
DLP: Dual Light Pulse Lasers

GS: Gyrostabilier
Howi: Howitzer

HS: HeatsinkMag Stab/MFS: Magnetic Field Stabilizer (also MFS)
MPL: Medium Pulse LaserSB/Smarty: Smartbomb

Electronic Warfare
Damp: Remote Sensor Dampener
Distruptor/TD: Tracking Disruptor
Neut: Energy Neutralizer
Nos: Nosferatu

Point:  Warp Distruptor
SB: Sensor Booster

Scram/Jammer: Warp Scrambler
TP/Painter: Target Painter
Web: Stasis Webifier

AB: Afterburner

Istab: Inertia Stabilizers
MWD: Microwarp Drive
Nano: Nanofiber Internal Structure

OD: Overdrive Injector System
WCS/Stabs: Warp Core Stabilizer

CCC: Capacitor Control Circuit
Poly: Polycarbon Engine Housing

50-1600mm: (mm) Reinforced Plates (differing materials)

ARU: Armor Repair Unit
EANM: Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Hardener: Armour or Shield hardener, both active and passive
SAR/MAR/LAR: [Size] Armor Repairer

Extender: [Size] Shield Extender

Hardener: Shield or Armour hardener, both active and passive
SB: Shield Booster
SPR: Shield Power Relays

DB: Dark Blood
DG/Dread: Dread Guristas
Dom: Angel Cartel (Domination)
Gal: Gallente

Gist: Angel Cartel
Min:  Minmatar
SS: Shadow Serpentis
TS: True Sansha

Item Quality
Faction: A rare faction named version of T1 items

Named: Usually best named variant of Tech 1 item
Officer: The rarest and most expensive mods, dropped by very rare officer rats.
Plex/Complex/Deadspace: An even rarer subfaction type of item, dropped by rats inside complexes.
T1: Tech 1
T2: Tech 2

T3: Tech 3

Plex: Complex or deadspace location in space where NPCs are located.

Forum / Conversations
Bbl: Be back later

Lol: Laugh out loud
OP: Original Poster
Pwned: Owned

QFT: Quoted for truth

Vent: Ventrilo voice communication software
TS: TeamSpeak voice communication software
Eve Voice: In game comms software

Trit: Tritanium
Pyer: Pyrerite
Mex: Mexallon
Iso: Isogen
Nox: Nocxium
Zyd: Zydrine
Mega: Megacyte
Morph: Morphite

Other Items

BM: Bookmark
Cyno: Cynosural Field, generated by ships to be used by some Capital ships for jumping
Deepsafe: A safespot which is very hard to scan out, due to being more than 5AU from all objects
Instaundock: A SS that allows for near instant warp after undocking.

KOS: Kill on Sight
Logoffski: Logging off to avoid being killed.
NBSI: Not Blue Shoot It

NRDS: Not Red Don't Shoot
OP: Outpost

Plex: Pilots extension license providing 30 days of game play.
POS: Player Owned Structure
SS/Safe: Safespot (spot in space that's not directly in line with any 2 objects)