Thursday, 12 August 2010

Stealth Bomber Guide

Hallen Turrek has put together a great stealth bomber guide over at A Merry Life and a Short One that is well worth the read.

Monday, 9 August 2010

All Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

Well, that's me back from holiday and ready to go.  I have as yet not managed to get back into my ship but I know for a fact that lots has been happening whilst I have been away.  As Mangala has already commented, we (ACME) are on the move.  I do not know a huge amount yet but I have been reading my corp mails in Gate (which is handy when you cannot log into the game) and know that we are moving.  Whatever the fundamental reasons for all of this I have to say that I think most of the guys I fly with will be pleased with this; why?  Well ACME has grown a huge amount recently and with a total of 13 systems to hand we were pretty full it has to be said.  So whatever story you want to believe change is always inevitable and so I am just going to grasp it and move to whatever system we are pointed.  Change is always fun and keeps EVE alive and it is even better when you have no director roles etc to worry about.  So will keep you posted with what happens.  For now though you will have to wait as I will need to log on to find out what is happening myself.

Thursday, 5 August 2010


On a quick note before I head off for yet more R&R, there are three great sites for raw data on politics and up to date soveriegnty data:
  1. EveMaps contains everything you need and is the central source for the following two.
  2. Verite is the mainstream politic map showing upto date sovereignty data and is mostly widely used
  3. Farlab provides great overall map of New Eden and who currently holds what and is a great alternative to Verite map.

One Grain of Sand Less

If it weren't for the fact that i am actually on holiday i would be logged in right now.  So even though I cannot climb into my ship I can at least send you a small post card whilst I am on relaxing on some small moon somewhere.

It is amazing now how much information you can get, even whilst you cannot climb into your ship.  I logged into Gate and read up on the latest posts which are rather significant from a corp / alliance point of view (more on that later when it is common knowledge).  A quick check of EveMaps and I have a rough update on the political situation that I am slowly getting to grips with (spent too long in hi/low sec and am trying to catch up fast).  A quick run through the latest from the EVE Blog Pack and I am pretty up to date with everything; a main pointer here is that Crazy Kinux is not on the list.  After that I log into EVE Metrics to look through my API and work out what to do with my training next (though my training list is already 470+ days anyway).

Well I will be back on in a few days time and it looks like I am going to be busy.  Signing off for now.

Fly Safe