Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Power of Two

Well I started up a second account before the "Power of Two" offer came out and am wondering what people use their second account for; I set mine up so that I could mine a little more effectively (though I am not a miner in a career sense).  My plan then is to use the second account as industry / logistics support.  It is a long way off from being perfect but it is getting there.  What does everyone else use their characters for?  I would be interested to know how they balance them out; logisitcs vs combat, pvp vs trader, miner vs hauler, etc.

With two characters the question then arises about corporations ... should you have both characters in the same corp or should you have them in different corps so taht you can switch between them when the is a war dec raised against your corp?

The other thing that I have found very hard getting used to is controlling two characters ... I am running two clients on a single screen which certainly has its disadvantages but then I have met some people that run four accounts.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Getting ready

Well, it is around 20 days to getting the Orca out and about so need to start planning the fitting and also look in detail at my exploration skill base.

As I said before there is a layout in Battleclinic for an exploration Orca that got a lot of good ratings.  I have been working with this as a starter and am looking at the following:

   [Orca, Orca: Exploration Mobile Base]

   Siege Warfare Link - Shield Harmonizing or Improved Cloaking Device II
   Small Tractor Beam I
   Salvager I

   Ballistic Deflection Field II
   Explosion Dampening Field II
   Heat Dissipation Field II
   Photon Scattering Field II

   Damage Control II
   Overdrive Injector System II

   5x Hammerhead II


The only question here is could I fit a better set up in the mid slots?  If I take this in to a w/hole I would drop the link module and fit a cloak in there which fits fine  I have not fitted any rigs in here yet as I will use this to mine as well, though if it works I might eventually get a separate Orca for mining.

I will cover the skills in a separate posting.  There are some good guides now on exploration and scanning on the official wiki site which I will link in so that I am not regurgitating already well written articles.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Which grain of sand are you?

Rightly or wrongly I have bought an Orca ... after six months of playing I decided that it was time for a little more direction in my training and activity.  There is reasoning behind this but I guess it is worth giving a little more background as this is the first post I have made.

It has been six months since my clone made is first tentative steps in to New Eden I have managed to build a reasonable skill base in most things.  I can handle myself well in most basic situations but now I need to do something a little more specific.  For those of you who have ventured into New Eden you will know how big it is and how complex life can be as a capsuleer; there is no way of mastering everything in a sensible timescale and so I am going to start one of my main careers; exploration.  I have a good base for probing, salvaging and hacking.  My core skills (yes those ones the certificates tend to direct you too) are ok, but far from perfect.

So with a basic understanding of most things, I have got an Orca and intend on using it for two things ... the first is to mine with and the second is to go exploring.  I am not going to talk to much about the mining aspect as this is well understood.  The exploration side is not so well used (that I know of and I am sure you are gonna tell me) and it was a friend in my alliance who opened this one up to me. There is at least one setup for an Orca that I have seen that is quoted as being an exploration setup so I can not be that mad.

Why do I want to do this?  Well ... you know how it is, you have gone through 12 systems and found nothing but LADAR and Wormhole sites when you come across and great RADAR site.   Only this site has more than it's fair share of rats and your cov ops ship is just not ready to handle that kind of DPS (any DPS for that matter).  So if I roam around using the Orca to ferry around a exploration ship, as well as a DPS ship and maybe a mining barge for all those Gravimetric sites then I should cover all aspects of exploration without having to stay close to home where all my ships are.

I will find out if this works and keep you posted.  I guess the one thing that make me a little worried is the ninja who scans around the system and finds an Orca just floating around that they can fly.

So for me it looks like a bit more exploration training once this Orca is ready to fly.