Thursday, 24 June 2010

DIY Charon

Well she's made and sitting in an alts hanger ready to be assembled and flown.  Funny how I always manage to get the ship before I can fly it.  Anyway at least there is no fittings to worry about here.

Freighter seem to fall in to an odd bracket; they are officially not capital ships, yet due to their size you need capital construction to build this ship, along with capital parts, which in turn needs a fair amount of minerals.  However time and effort can see you make one of these for considerably less than market value .. especially if you have access to capital BPC.  Anyway will climb into this beast short and take her for a wallow (could never spin in this thing).

Downtime Again

Crumbs, its been ages since I posted on here ... will try and catch up on things as life is never quiet; well not until CCP decide to move to a newer server room; this is the longest downtime I have ever know in over a year of playing.

So, I have now been flying this capsule of mine around for over a year, and feel pretty comfortable with most aspects of Hi and Low Sec space.  I have yet to really get to grips with Null Sec, sure I flown around a bit, done an Agony Basic course and a few corp roams but as far as I am concerned that does not really cut it.  But will get into that in a little more detail later.

Our new alliance is now over six months too, and it is easy to see why there are only a handful of larger, successful alliances and a lot of smaller ones with burned out leadership.  Being a director changes your attitude towards EVE a lot, and I have to say, I am not sure if that is for the better or not.  The collapse of  BOB and Goonswarm is telling and not a surprise.  It is not all bad however, we have a great group of capsuleers and momentum is building .. watch this space.

Well I would certainly not class myself as rookie anymore, skills allow me to comfortably run all missions, though would always run a logistics alt for level 5s, and this year should see me close out the final set of basic skill training ready for a longer term future, so learning skills max'ed, elite core etc.

We have been pretty much war free now since the last one I talked about and people have settled into their normal routine of missioning and mining, but I have to say that now I have settled down and am looking at some of those rank 14 skills I feel a little more of a pull towards 0.0.  I am happy with most game mechanics and am needing something new and a little less mundane, but always needs to be done as a balance with other stuff, the main thing being isk.  Establishing a steady income is a steady task right now and one that I need to be able to achieve without playing 24/7; see what happens.  Anyway, this gets me up to date, though I will endeavour to throw more regular write ups in even if they are shorter.