Thursday, 5 August 2010

One Grain of Sand Less

If it weren't for the fact that i am actually on holiday i would be logged in right now.  So even though I cannot climb into my ship I can at least send you a small post card whilst I am on relaxing on some small moon somewhere.

It is amazing now how much information you can get, even whilst you cannot climb into your ship.  I logged into Gate and read up on the latest posts which are rather significant from a corp / alliance point of view (more on that later when it is common knowledge).  A quick check of EveMaps and I have a rough update on the political situation that I am slowly getting to grips with (spent too long in hi/low sec and am trying to catch up fast).  A quick run through the latest from the EVE Blog Pack and I am pretty up to date with everything; a main pointer here is that Crazy Kinux is not on the list.  After that I log into EVE Metrics to look through my API and work out what to do with my training next (though my training list is already 470+ days anyway).

Well I will be back on in a few days time and it looks like I am going to be busy.  Signing off for now.

Fly Safe


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